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January 2025

Environmental Policy

Keeping our environmental impact as minimal as possible is the biggest priority of Sevendays by sustainably managing our operations.
Sevendays and Partners will be responsible for recording their travel data to ensure that it is working as intended. The below-mentioned steps will be taken to execute the undertaking.

The management team of Sevendays is in charge of ensuring that the environmental and travel policies are followed. However, all partners bear responsibility in their respective areas to make sure that the policy’s aims and objectives are met.
All staff, freelancers, and other project and program participants are made aware of this policy and informed of their role in ensuring its implementation.

The following steps are made mandatory to decrease the hazard of pollution.

• Use of eco-friendly products
• Reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills
• Before discarding IT equipment repair, upgrade and recycle it
• Keep the environment free of litter and graffiti
• Implement a no-smoking policy or a no-smoking area
• Make sure that the waste is properly disposed

While purchasing anything just bear in mind that it would be good to buy local products rather than ordering things from outside.
To keep our environment pure and healthy, make sure to avoid plastic products.
It’s a must to use products that can be recycled or reused.

Advertisement and Promotion;
Utilizing digital mediums and modes for public reach out and communication are preferred.
Rather than contacting people using paper mailouts, it is recommended to take up email, e-newsletters, and other relevant mediums.
It is recommended that publicity material be released six days before the event and removed two days after the event. Adoption strategies that promote recycling and reusing are preferred.

Garbage Disposal;
The trash and recycling data will be documented by Sevendays and its partners and will be reported to the Tourism Department.
The goal is to minimize waste by employing the following strategies.
Use of emails for communication
Use double sided papers
Printing should be done only if incredibly necessary. Else everything is intended to do digitally.
Sevendays strive to employ documentary methods rather than printing.

Reuse and Recycle;
Sevendays aim to encourage reuse and recycling.
The attendees of the festival will not be allowed to use plastic products, be it water bottles or other stuff.
It’s mandatory to use products that can be recycled.
To avoid the use of plastic water bottles, it is a prerequisite for the public to use reusable bottles so they can refill them from the water dispensers available at the venue.

To minimize the use of plastic debris refillable hand sanitizers are favored.
Instead of using disposable anti-bacterial wipes, Sevendays and partners recommend using a spray cleaner and biodegradable paper towels.

Environmental Policy and Action Scheme;
Proper monitoring of carbon emissions is a must.
Formulation of accessible insights and climate adaptation approaches.

Sevendays Environmental Travel Policy;
All staff, freelancers, and participants of projects and programs are made knowledgeable of this policy during their induction and are informed of their role in executing and guaranteeing the goal.
Maximizing public transport is a priority for the staff, participants, and other festival attendees.

Reduction of Personal Transport;
Sevendays and Partners will be accountable for documenting their travel data.
Minimizing the use of personal conveyance by prioritizing walking, cycling, and shared rides and making vans and other modes of transportation available and accessible to hire.

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