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January 2024

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A mega winter festivity that allows you to experience the amazing winter wonders that are unparalleled this time. From winter athletics to ice sculpture exhibitions, you will be guaranteed to witness the ultimate winter adventure.

Let's go!

Mini Guide For Your Trip To Sevendays A Quick To Do Things So You Get The Most Out Of Your Trip No Matter How Short It Maybe

Where to go

Numerous things to do and see, on your way Karimabad Bazaar is very popular among tourists for shopping and just walking around. Baltit and Altit Forts are not to be missed, Sevendays Winter Feast at Attabad Lake a walk across the Hussani twin suspension bridges is nothing less than a treat for adventure lovers.

Where to eat

Small restaurants and cafes dominate the Karakoram Highway throughout Hunza. Most hotels prepare food on order. There are a couple of restaurants in Attabad and Karimabad such as Hidden Paradise, Rainbow, Osho- Maraka, which have a good reputation. The small cafe at Borit Lake in Gulmit also prepares traditional food.

Where to shop

Sevendays have stalls almost anything you can buy mostly locally produced. If you’re around Karimabad is the stop for shopping. The only place where there are numerous shops offering variety of souvenirs. The Baltit Book Centre in the main bazaar has a good amount of books on Gilgit-Baltistan. For everything souvenir related Hunza Art Museum is the place. For everything els Aliabad is the market.

Where to stay

We recommend home stays in Shiskat Gulmit, it’s closer to Sevendays and there are many Hotels at Attabad Lake expensive to inexpensive. Karimabad has almost unlimited number of options to choose from. There are a few options available in Aliabad and Altit. In upper Hunza there are options in Gulmit, Passu and Sost. In the more remote valleys of Chapursan and Shimshal there are village guest houses and seasonal hotels.

What to Bring

For outdoor activities you need to be warm. Hat, mitts, scarf, warm socks, insulated and waterproof boots. Long underwear and pants or long underwear and snowpants, layers of tops and a good insulated jacket. Sunglasses, sunscreen and lipbalm.

Attabad Lake

It is known for its stunning turquoise waters, which is surrounded by towering mountains and lush forests. The lake is fed by melting glaciers, giving it a unique and breathtaking appearance. The surrounding landscape is dotted with small villages..

Winters in Gilgit Baltistan

Winter is finally here so let’s cherish everything that winter entails. The freezing breezes, the frozen waters, the icy and snowy picturesque landscapes, with no doubt the beauty of winter is unparalleled..

Sevendays will deliver you the perfect celebrations that will undoubtedly and genuinely reenergize you for a winter season that will be beyond comparison. It gives you the amazing chance to see the winter wonders. If ice hockey is not played, it is not winter; Ice Hockey, Ice Skating and much more are waiting for you. A variety of activities have been carefully planned to honour the spirit of customs and culture, such as Shaap a theatre production that was once presented to commemorate the winter solstice and featured many characters who were all costumed and doing various theatrical feats. The exhibition of a Silk Route Caravan is also the event’s most stunning feature. Additionally, the sitting arrangement is intended to be set up in a way where visitors can experience the cozy quaintness of mountainous living. Trophy Hunting is integral aspect of this grand event for the reason that, the money collected through trophy hunting will be spent on the development of the very community itself, and it will be aligned with ongoing events. Cultural Shows are an inextricable part of any grand event; to make your time worth delight and pleasurable, Cultural Concerts are there to provide you with a harmoniously dreamy ambiance. Mayfung is there to commemorate the essence of the carnival, creating the aura and vibe of flamboyance, Mayfung is celebrated to light up the darkest night of the year, to banish the negativity and the darkness, and replacing it with hope and happiness. Furthermore, to make this time of the year more special, the aged people will be narrating Folklore to children, acknowledging them with mythological stories. Fun fact; the winning teams will be accommodated in local homes as guests, well tourists can also avail this opportunity to experience the mountainous lifestyle. To promote peace and togetherness, let’s celebrate diversity and put an end to cultural and religious divisions through sports and festivals.

Stalls at any kind of event are a common sight and they can be a source of great beauty and enjoyment. From colorful tents and booths to handmade crafts and artisanal food, festival stalls offer a wide array of sights, sounds, and experiences for visitors. One of the most appealing aspects of food and another kind of stalls is that they become hubs of activity and social interaction, attracting people from all walks of life.
Plus enabling visitors to discover and appreciate new and diverse cultures. From traditional clothing and jewelry to exotic spices and flavors, stalls be providing a window into the traditions and customs of different communities. The most important aspect of Sevendays is that the handicapped would be there to showcase their unparalleled expertise in the realm of artisanal handicraft goods, encouraging the marginalized portion of our society to be part of this mega event is such a pleasure. Traditional games create the element of exoticism plus an auspicious way to connect us to glorious antiquity. The best way to accept, embrace, and celebrate winters is to play with winter harshness, snow, and ice. Sevendays brings you, various kinds of organized and incredible Traditional Sports to amplify the charm of winter. traditional games that are to be played incorporate Baasra (in which a player stands and continues on one leg and hit the other with his body intending to make him tumble to the ground), Pindok a game in which a pindok is darted with one leg, and the number is being counted, the moment pindok gets dropped, the player is considered out. Sevendays has brought you unprecedented and exceptional winter activities to fill you with unparalleled winter experience. An inaugural Ice Sculpture Exhibition that will be highlighting a certain theme is on the way to amaze you and present you with enriched cultural art feats. Experienced curators and artists will be monitoring the whole activity. Group exhibitions provide an amazing opportunity for local artist to showcase their untapped artisanal dexterity. Nothing could be more wonderful than making over frozen waters into artwork.

Gilgit Baltistan

Its Culture Attractions Mountains

It wouldn’t be unfair if we deem Gilgit Baltistan, the hub of marvels of wilderness. Home to exquisite and glamorous sceneries, majestic snow-capped mountains, and no doubt, a window to explore all the wonders of nature.

Nanga Parbat

Is The 9th Highest Mountain On Earth. On the Karakoram Highway about 80 km short of Gilgit , thalechi viewpoint is a designated point to make a short stopover to enjoy superb views of Nanga Parbat. Not to be missed. 8,126 m.

Rakaposhi Peak

Mountain In The Karakoram. Mountain Range on your way from Gilgit to - Attabad Lake the incredible Rakaposhi is on your right from the Karakoram Highway 7,788 m.

World Famous Mountain Ranges

The Junction Of The Three Mightiest Mountain Ranges. On your way from Islamabad to Gilgit, just before an hour reaching Gilgit it is on your right from the KKH. The Himalayas (means the “Home of Snow”), The Karakoram and The Hindu Kush (means the “Killer of Hindus”). Not to be missed.

Baltit and Altit Fort

Baltit Fort Is about 960 Years. Foundations of the Fort are said to date back to 13th century. Altit village is older than Baltit and so is its Fort. The fort and it’s Khun has been restored, there is a guided tour of the Altit fort as well. Not to be missed.

The Concept

Snow leopard is the king that rules the snow-draped woods and the high alpine areas. It is fiercely powerful, adaptive, unintimidated, audacious extremely graceful, and possess the wholesomeness of beauty. The logo of Sevendays is designed impeccably by taking into consideration the aura of winters in Gilgit Baltistan. The theme of Sevendays signifies the fact that cubs are blind at birth and they take Seven Days to open their eyes. The yellow tint of the logo manifests the power, strength, and gracefulness of the leopard, also known as the black panther, which is the king animal of winter. The bluish hue of the logo represents the Crisp of ice or the Frozen Waters, moreover, the implicit meaning of this logo reflects the resilience of people in the north who celebrate the harshness of the colder phase of the year with warmth and joy. To our extreme disappointment, human actions are posing incredible threats to the existence of this treasured animal known as snow leopard. Nevertheless, through the platform of Sevendays winter feast and utilizing all other appropriate and available forums, the WWF, Parks and Wildlife, and the IUCN will gear up to run campaigns and drives for the conservation of this extremely precious animal.