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January 2025

January  21st Р25th 2024

Sculpted Whispers

Echoes of the Melting World

The profound impacts of unprecedented climate change in northern Pakistan are unmistakably evident, prompting the Aga Khan Agency for Habitat Pakistan (AKAHP) to reaffirm its longstanding commitment to addressing these challenges. In the face of visible environmental transformations, AKAHP is devoted to working on various fronts, in line with its mandate to address climate change, and to underscore the importance of raising awareness about the melting glaciers and their far-reaching effects on both local communities and the broader environment. “Sculpted Whispers: Echoes of a Melting World,” is an exclusive exhibition jointly organized by the Aga Khan Agency for Habitat Pakistan, and Tourism, Sports, Culture, Archaeology & Museums Department of Gilgit Baltistan. The exhibition draws attention to the urgent issues reverberating across the world affecting ecosystems, weather patterns, and our global climate, calling for climate action, and foster a deeper understanding of the environmental challenges faced by the region. The exhibition seeks to spark conversations, inspire change, and leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of individuals, youth, community members, social activists, policymakers, and development professionals. Art proves to be a powerful tool in communicating messages to people of all demographics, cultures, and languages, going beyond traditional boundaries by presenting meticulously crafted ice, sand, and stone sculptures. Each sculpture is more than mere artistic creation; they are embodiments of the Earth’s frozen wonders, serving as poignant reminders of disappearing beauty due to global warming. The goal is to create awareness around global warming, endangered species, the importance of trees, and the role of individuals in a society to protect Mother Earth, emphasizing the shared responsibility to address climate change. As viewers engage with these sculptures, they are invited to listen to these silent voices, to hear the stories of our planet’s ice-bound landscapes and the creatures that inhabit them. These echoes signify the interconnectedness of our planet and the shared responsibility to address climate change.

From Awareness to Action Together Against Climate Change.