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January 2025

December – February

Winters in Gilgit Baltistan

Winter is finally here so let’s cherish everything that winter entails. The freezing breezes, the frozen waters, the icy and snowy picturesque landscapes, with no doubt the beauty of winter is unparalleled. What makes the winters of Gilgit Baltistan distinguished from the rest of the world is that typical traditional mountain life, the gathering around warm fires; with the cold winter weather, there is nothing more comforting than gathering around a warm fire with friends and family. In Gilgit Baltistan, people often spend their evenings huddled around a fire, sharing stories and laughter as they prepare for the long, cold winter ahead. Cooking and eating traditional winter dishes: Winter is a time for hearty, comforting meals, and the people of Gilgit Baltistan have a number of traditional dishes that are perfect for the season. These dishes often include slow-cooked stews, hot soups, and roasted meats, all of which are sure to warm you up on a cold winter’s day. In the days of yore, people had to rely on their own hands for food, rather than the heavily processed food we get from supermarkets nowadays. The unavailability and inaccessibility derived the people of Gilgit Baltistan to concoct the tradition of “ Nasalo”, it was a method of slaughtering an animal, drying the meat, and using it throughout the entire winter season. Winters in Gilgit Baltistan was a phase of the year when people get absolutely free from chores, for this reason, they needed an activity or couple of activities to keep themselves occupied and help them cope with the extreme bitterness and harshness of winters. That’s when the invention of traditional games came into being. The games incorporate, Basra, Pindok, Bilbut and so on. So many of traditions have become outdated now due to proliferation and development in the realm of information and technology. Rasm e Tao; is a traditional way of a wedding in Gilgit Baltistan, which is now nothing but an obsolete sentiment. With the spread of globalization, the process of acculturation has sped up to a limit inconceivable. Now weddings in Gilgit Baltistan don’t take place the traditional way. To much of our delight, the Sevendays is making the most of history. The aforementioned activities are going to be restored and refreshed taking up the platform of Sevendays.


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